Music video release Friday 18 August 2023 20.00 CET! (2 PM ET)

Tune in here to see the livestreaming of our music video release:


Contest winner: Camilla Bartdal 

Congratulations to Camilla Bartdal who won our contest and gets the digital version of our upcoming album "The Creation Of Soul"! 

Question was what song do Metallica open their live shows with before going on stage and the answer was The Ecstacy of Gold by Ennio Morricone. 

Keep on rockin', Camilla and full album is heading your way when all is mixed, mastered etc!

Creation Of Soul - Intro and explanation of music project 

Video link : The Creation Of Soul - Intro and explanation of music project

Hey, describing our music project ArchaicA to all new people coming to our social media platforms.

If you're familiar with band like Nightwish, Stratovarius, Symphony X, Metallica you probably know the epic sound of a heavy metal band together with a full orchestra. We're doing something in this style but flavoured with our own style of songwriting. So this will consist of mostly instrumental, symphonic metal songs that could fit just as well in a cinematic film scenario as in a rock/metal scene.

Musical themes vary between scores that could fit in Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns, Greek style Olympic themes and Arabian settings. (Got to have the Egypt cliche, can't be respectable metal band without that) All set to the thundering noise of distorted guitars, bass and metal drumming. (You know you want that, how can you miss out?!)

We have a goal of delivering a musical project that reflects the epicness of your regular movie score blended with the style of a heavy metal production. Did we succeed? You be the judge! Let us now, you can take a listen on our webpage and get one song already if you pre-order the album! 


Cheers, Michael


CONTEST & INFO! Entering Todash 

As some of the more observant of you may have noticed, we are releasing our first 
album "The Creation Of Soul" with 10 symphonic metal tracks in 2022. we'd like to  
show you some of the material that inspired us to make this. 

In the sneak peaks (available for listening here: )  we have clips of our song "Entering Todash" which has 2 sources of inspiration; One being The book series "The Dark Tower" by Stephen King where you have this Clint Eastwood type of western character in the Gunslinger named Roland Deschain. For the metal genre it's not particularily original 
source material to write songs about as Nightwish, Demons & Wizards and Blind Guardian are among those that have written music related the The Dark Tower already. For me it has some special significance since the main character - Roland - reminds me of my grandfather who read western books all the time and was a gunslinger in his own way. He even melted and molded his own bullets and I watched this as a kid. I finished reading the last book of The Dark Tower series around Christmas of 2011 and he passed away weeks/days later having lived through 2 world wars. May he fare well in his clearing at the end of the path.  

The other source of inspiration is the epic song that Metallica has used as their opener for at least 30 years before their concerts. (Not referring to AC/DC - It's a long way to the top, but the other one) And if you can name that song here in the comment section, then - by golly - you can win the digital version of our upcoming album! One song already finished sent to you, the rest when the album is finished sometime in 2022. This will be available through high quality download and bandcamp (app/website). 

So should you know what song Metallica open their concert with - that is not their own song - and you want the digital version of our album, then let us know the answer in the comments right here or send the answer to! 

Cheers, Michael!