Creation Of Soul - Intro and explanation of music project

Video link : The Creation Of Soul - Intro and explanation of music project

Hey, describing our music project ArchaicA to all new people coming to our social media platforms.

If you're familiar with band like Nightwish, Stratovarius, Symphony X, Metallica you probably know the epic sound of a heavy metal band together with a full orchestra. We're doing something in this style but flavoured with our own style of songwriting. So this will consist of mostly instrumental, symphonic metal songs that could fit just as well in a cinematic film scenario as in a rock/metal scene.

Musical themes vary between scores that could fit in Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns, Greek style Olympic themes and Arabian settings. (Got to have the Egypt cliche, can't be respectable metal band without that) All set to the thundering noise of distorted guitars, bass and metal drumming. (You know you want that, how can you miss out?!)

We have a goal of delivering a musical project that reflects the epicness of your regular movie score blended with the style of a heavy metal production. Did we succeed? You be the judge! Let us now, you can take a listen on our webpage and get one song already if you pre-order the album! 


Cheers, Michael


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